Saw Toothed Grain Beetle

How to tell if you have saw toothed grain beetles

  • Look in nearby food products
  • Use a magnifying glass and flashlight to help with inspection
  • Infested items often will contain adult weevils as well as dead adults.  Grains will have exit holes from the emergence of the adult beetles
  • The saw toothed grain beetle has a long length of head behind the eyes. 6 saw-like projections on each side of the thorax. Adults grow to approximately 2.5 – 3mm in length and their larvae a yellow to brown in colour, with a brown head.

saw toothed grain beetleUpon identifying an infestation,  DO NOT tidy up any evidence just contact us and we will help/advise with the next step in preparing a eradication program.

The program will consist of :-

  • We would start with a thorough inspection of all known and suspected spots where they might be hiding.
  • Customer to try get a sample us to identify.
  • We only carry out a treatment when a confirmed infestation is present as this is the correct thing to do for many reasons, but the main one is cost savings. There is no point in paying to try and kill something that is not even present.
  • Identifying the insect species causing the problem.
  • We will ask you to start by removing all infested products, cleaning and vacuuming all areas to pick up any loose debris/insects
  • Education explaining the life cycle and how their habits, habitat and behavior affects the control plan.
  • Treating affected areas by using safe an effective control products.
  • Scheduling a follow-up visit if required



As there is no easy way to tell if any product you have purchased is infested when you bring it home. It is advisable to buy some air-tight ‘Tupperware’ type of containers, and transfer all your stored products into these as soon as possible after purchase, so that if a product is infested, the insects will not spread to other foods. Food stored in this type of container will be protected from infestation