Mosquito’s mosquito

Control should be purely . Treatment of their breeding sites is difficult but the removal of standing water, e.g. rainwater butts and other traps will help. Ultra violet flykillers will attract this species if the barrier methods fail. Fogging / misting will knock down insects on the wing.

Upon identifying an infestation,  DO NOT tidy up any evidence just contact us and we will help/advise with the next step in preparing a eradication program.

The program will consist of :-

  • We would start with a thorough inspection of all known and suspected spots where they might be breeding.
  • Advise in barrier methods in screening doors and windows against their possible entry
  • Identifying the insect species causing the problem.
  • Education explaining the life cycle and how their habits, habitat and behavior affects the control plan.


Land owners and gardeners can take preventative measures against larvae by removing habitat. Cesspools, septic tanks and drains must be sealed. All rainwater butts and tanks should have close-fitting lids. Garden ponds stocked with fish will not require treatment, but dis-used ponds and other areas of stagnant water should be drained and kept empty.