Non Biting Midge

Non-biting midges, can pose serious nuisance problems. Essentially harmless, non-biting midges can have a large-scale economic impact for people and businesses located near the waternon biting midge

How to tell if you have midges

  • Swarms of small flies
  • The adult flies are around 6 – 8 mm long
  • During their swarming activities, adults may be attracted to lights. Buildings with outside lighting will attract large numbers of these insects. If these lights are around vent openings, air conditioning units or windows, the insects can find ways into the structure. The next day, dead midges can be found on window sills, possibly through the entire building

Upon identifying an infestation,  DO NOT tidy up any evidence just contact us and we will help/advise with the next step in preparing a eradication program.

The program will consist of :-

  • We would start with a thorough inspection of all known and suspected spots where they might be breeding.
  • Advise in barrier methods in screening doors and windows against their possible entry
  • Identifying the insect species causing the problem.
  • Education explaining the life cycle and how their habits, habitat and behavior affects the control plan.


Avoid the use of unnecessary lights around dusk when the midges are swarming, Standing water should be drained if possible.